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Egg-cellent ways to keep your Easter sustainable

With Easter approaching, the excitement for the copious amounts of chocolate and hot cross buns is becoming more apparent. Like any holiday, the selection of goodies that comes with it has the ability to not be sustainable.

Here are 5 tips to keep your Easter holiday sustainable:

1. Recycle your wrappers

All aluminium foil wrappers are recyclable and quite a wide variety of people don’t know about this! Make sure that when adding this to your recycling, you scrunch it up into a big collective ball. Small bits of foil don’t get taken by the recycling, make it worth it!

2. Fair Trade Chocolate

Buying Fair Trade and palm-oil free chocolate is not only delicious chocolate that tastes no different to anything else, you are making a world difference by improving the standards for farmers and their families in the countries in which chocolate is being produced. The lack of palm-oil also stops our forests from being cut down. This is so important!

3. Organic and local meal ingredients

A lot of people will join their families in a roast dinner on Easter Sunday, I know I will. When shopping for the ingredients for this meal, try your very best to buy local produce from your butchers and green grocers. It makes an incredible difference, and it’s much better for you as well.

4. Sustainable Easter baskets and painted eggs

One of the most fun times to be sustainable is with crafts. Painting eggs but using natural dyes is incredibly sustainable, as well as creating your baskets out of recycled materials, even your own Easter materials!

5. As little packaging as possible

A holiday means tonnes of wrapping paper, gift bags, plastic plates, the list goes on and on. Using recyclable materials for gifts is a solution, as well as keeping it plain and simple.

From all of us at Sustainability, we wish you a wonderful Easter.

Photo credit: Peter Biela 

By Amanda Elliott, Communications Officer

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World Vegan Day – What Some of us Don’t Know

Annually on 1st November, we see World Vegan Day. A day that aims to raise awareness for an ethical, environmentally friendly diet and lifestyle. In modern day society, being a vegan is nothing to be sniffed at. With the masses of alternatives to non-vegan foods like cheese and even meat pies, making the switch and becoming a vegan is something any body can do.

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SGO: Organic food and organic farming

With the organic trend gaining popularity, you have probably heard a lot of people talking about organic food. However, I was not sure what exactly the trend is all about and I decided to do a little bit of research about it. So, if you are curious too, please carry on reading.

Generally speaking, organic food is the product of organic farming, a farming method which originated in the early 20th century. Organic farming may include different practices in different countries, but it is mainly based on using fertilizers of organic origin, such as manure, green manure, bone meal or compost. Organic farming also relies on natural pest control and it also fosters insect predators. A good example of insect predators are birds, lizards and even spiders. Organic farming also involves crop rotation which avoids the overuse of certain minerals from the soil. Organic farming then, is more considerate of the environment because organic food is usually not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or synthetic food additives.

But now the question is, can you get organic food cheaper than you would get it in a supermarket? The answer is yes – if you grow it yourself. If you can grow your own fruits and vegetables at least in the summer time, you could pretty much meet some of the most important requirements of organic food. You can easily use compost so that means natural fertilizers, have some bird friendly water fountains around to encourage them to hang out in your garden and eat the unwanted insects. Also, don’t kill the inoffensive spiders or reptiles because they are not harming your crops but they are eating the insects which are and this is how you will get natural pest control.

If you have any more ideas for how you can maintain an organic garden, let us know in the comment box bellow. Happy gardening!

Planters June.jpg

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SGO: The Only Way is Cake

Food, glorious food! Everybody has got a guilty pleasure for some kind of tasty treat, in my case it’s the unbelievable amounts of takeaway I get with the excuse that I’m a student to justify it – but let’s not get into that.

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SGO: How to host a swap-party

Hosting a swap party is a great way to have fun with your friends, get rid of any unwanted items and gain some new, awesome things for free. Whether interior décor, jewellery, clothes or stationary, there’s no point throwing things away if they can be given a new lease of life in a new home. Here is the SGO guide on hosting a swap party!

Swap Party

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