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New communications officer for the Student Green Office

Hello I’m Ellie, your new communications officer for the Student Green Office.

I’m a multimedia journalism student going into my final year in September, which all seems to have flown by! I much enjoy living and studying in Canterbury as there always seems to be somewhere nice to visit.

My journalism course has meant I have met up with lots of different people to conduct interviews and experienced covering live events, which are two things I would like to bring to this blog over the next year.

I would really like to consider the sustainable development goals a lot more in the blog by creating regular posts about what our local area is doing to encourage sustainability in this part of the world. This project will enable me to meet with lots of local people, get interviews and pictures which I can put into the blog to hopefully make it more engaging for our readers. I hope to keep our social media accounts active and get more people following us!

I feel really excited to have been given this opportunity and look forward to getting stuck into it properly in September. I really want to push the blog out there so it is seen by more and more people over the next year.




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Hollywood Meets Environmental Change

Celebrity is no doubt an interesting concept. A vast majority of us are hooked by celebrity stories in the paper daily, wanting to know what scandalous thing they’ve got up to next and more often than not, said celebrity gets a red hot spotlight on them that isn’t so positive. Understandably, this isn’t always the case. Unbeknown to the press, celebrities sometimes serve a function and use their fame in a positive manner.

When you hear Leonardo DiCaprio, you think of Jack Dawson and the fact that he finally won an Oscar this year.

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SGO: Introducing our Edible Campus Coordinator

Hello everyone!

My name is Linnet and I am the Edible Campus Coordinator. We might have met before at the ReFreshers Fayre or in Touchdown, but I thought I would introduce myself properly.

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