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Chocolate Tasting Evening: Review (01/03/2017)

Over the course of your lifetime, on average you will have consumed 10,000 chocolate bars. I have probably long exceeded that amount, and I feel no shame about that. This evening marked the sequel to the last Divine Chocolate tasting that took place two years ago. The long distance relationship between myself and Divine chocolate had reached boiling point as I had not tasted her in so long. She was happy to see me again.

For those who do not know, Divine Chocolate is a Fairtrade company whose farmers have long since benefited from this process. They’ve invested in many ventures in their communities, some of which include adult literacy and numeracy classes for women for instance. If they didn’t receive the profits they did from their Fairtrade commission, who knows if we would still receive such quality chocolate.

choc tasting

The evening started in reverse order. First we got to taste some really “Divine” chocolate (see what I did there)? Then Divine Chocolatier Erik Houlihan-Jong led us on a chocolate historical odyssey that debuted in Mesoamerica, to its introduction to European audiences via Cortés. Erik’s larger than life persona made the history lesson worthwhile.

We were then given the low-down on how Divine chocolate gets made. The processes making me appreciate their elegant chocolate much more.

Next we indulged in a sensory tasting session. We were instructed to feel the texture of the chocolate. With Erik explaining why it felt the way we did. After that we attempted to listen to the chocolate. Like the last time I heard nothing, the chocolate bar was playing with my feelings. When we did the snap test then I knew that the listening test was a trick. We then got to the part you’ve probably been waiting to hear about. Drum roll please…….. The tasting. Erik had us push the chocolate through our mouths starting from our tongues. As the chocolate danced around my mouth, I was in a state of euphoric bliss. The chocolate and I were one. Had I ate the chocolate the way I usually did, I would not have appreciated the taste as much. It momentarily made me forget that Divine Chocolate do not sponsor me, but I got free chocolate and you didn’t which is all that matters.

Sadly the event ended. On the plus side, I bought some chocolate. I hope it will not be another two years until I’m reunited with my lover Divine chocolate.

We hope to welcome Erik and Divine Chocolate back to CCCU very shortly!

By Francis Olaku

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SGO: Fairtrade chocolate ‘Taste-Off’ event!

While Fairtrade products offer a wide range of benefits, one of the greatest things about choosing Fairtrade chocolate is ensuring a fair wage to the cocoa farmers and their employees, as well as giving them the chance to develop in a sustainable way.

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SGO: A student review of our Fairtrade ‘Divine’ Chocolate Tasting Evening

What would have been a potentially dull Monday evening turned out to be an exciting evening at the Student Green Office’s Divine Fairtrade Chocolate Tasting Evening on the 5th October 2015. The audience were entertained with fascinating historical facts about the Aztec origins of hot chocolate, delectable chocolate samples and a delightful chocolate expert.

As one of the many student volunteers at the Chocolate Tasting, I was delighted to see how fast the seats in the Barista & Baker café filled up, all by students eagerly waiting in anticipation for the evening ahead. Finally – with a full house – the event began!

Erik, the resident Divine Chocolatier, a bubbly chocolate expert, who knew everything about chocolate, from the origins of hot chocolate in Mexico to the cool historical facts about the first modern wrapped chocolate bars (its origins were in Bristol, by the way) charmed the audience with his passion and excitement for chocolate. It was truly a fascinating evening that was not to be missed.

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SGO: Introducing Meg – Events Coordinator

Deep in the distant depths of Fleming (or down the corridor and through the door at the end) you will find me. Possibly typing, possibly talking, possibly eating Metcalfe’s skinny sweet cinnamon popcorn, there I will be, busily preparing events for the next year ahead, because I’m the Student Green Office Events Coordinator. My job is to plan and run events for you lovely students, all with the theme of sustainability.

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SGO: Fairtrade autumn buys

Autumn is definitely here now as the temperature shows. To keep yourself in high spirits during this cold season, why not treat yourself to my top ten Fairtrade autumn must-haves:

1. A cup of tea can keep you warm and get you ready for your day. Major supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, M&S and The Co-operative now all sell Fairtrade tea. Or try Clipper Teas who are the UK’s number one Fairtrade tea company.

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