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Walk Ways collaborative campus walk

Week four of the Walk Ways guided campus walks saw a group of our University staff take on a collaborative walk created by Sonia Overall.

The walk was planned to be playful and experimental, which it certainly lived up to as the team were tied together by the legs.

With trust in their team member’s hands, the group shared bundles of laughter as the interesting session took place.

See their journey below:

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The walk started with the group connecting by holding on to each others shoulders, as one individual led the group through campus.

They then picked directions from a bag which asked them to turn in circles, move in a figure of eight and walk on edges, all while linking arms.

As you can imagine a few passers-by wondered what was going on!

Some worried faces appeared from the group when Sonia informed them that the next activity would involve them being tied together at the legs.

However, they soon overcame their initial fear and found a technique which meant they stayed on their feet and avoided any unwanted falls.

The Walk Ways guided campus walks are a great way to take time out from your usual daily activities and to experience something new. This walk definitely gave the staff some time to escape from any day to day thoughts and to think about nothing else but the task in hand.

Sonia was also very pleased with how her walk went:

The Futures Initiative fund the Walk Ways guided campus walks, which have been designed to encourage people to see and experience their surroundings in an unusual way.

Both students and staff are welcome to attend the walks and we encourage more people to try something new!

The next walk is to be held on Wednesday 17th May, for more information click here.

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One Day Without Us – CCCU Joins In

Monday 20th February 2017 will mark a day of celebration for migrants in the UK, and their incredible contributions that they make to our culture and economy.

Canterbury Christ Church University will ‘walk-out’ (of lectures if necessary) and stand in solidarity with migrant workers, as well as our international students and staff. We will gather by the pond in the quad for ten minutes, all are invited.

During this time of movement, solidarity and change, it needs to be understood that we need migrants in the UK. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Contributions to our economy

Of course, more migrants means a higher demand for public services. However, it is undeniable that this is outweighed by the contributions immigrants make to our GDP. It was once found that, contrary to popular belief, 1.7% of EU migrants claim unemployment benefits. Immigrants help fill gaps in a market of jobs where there are shortages, i.e the NHS.

2. International students

As a university student, I am friends with plenty of international students. It has been said that foreign culture is conducive to great, life-long friendships. International students paired with British students provides a sharing of culture, a positive on so many levels. International studies are amazing for career prospects as well, and some of our most pioneering minds will stem from international study in the UK.

3. Saving the ageing population

An ageing population is basically what it says on the tin, a population that has more individuals past a certain age. This leads to more retirees, resulting in less money being pumped into the economy as there are less people paying taxes and earning money through jobs. Therefore, we need a growing population to ensure this becomes less of an issue.

4. Diversity

The benefits of a culturally-diverse nation are endless. It promotes humanistic views, builds new relationships, promotes equality, allows us to explore new fashions and cuisines, the list goes on. Diversity gives, especially young people an amazing outlook.

These are only some of the benefits, but I couldn’t possibly list them all!

Please stand in solidarity with us on 20/02/2017 at midday.


By Communications Officer, Amanda Elliott

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The good, the bad and the ugly

The notion of saving our planet has had quite an impression on world media in the last month or so. Awareness is being raised for climate change on so many different platforms.

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SGO: Weaving poetry into sustainability

To be in a room with a group of strong and powerful women with like-minded views and passions is an amazing thing. It fosters and immediate sense of solidarity within a safe environment for each and every woman to come forward with their own thoughts and opinions. This was exactly the case on 8th March, International Women’s Day, when I attended a poetry workshop for female staff and students designed to respond to WHOLE EARTH? – an outdoor exhibition about our current and future environmental needs, which had been shown on campus recently. It was a wonderful feeling, sharing a room with such an array of women from all walks of life. I would previously have said that poetry was not for me, but I was definitely wrong.


We started off the workshop with a guide sheet that gave us cues for our own creativity, to help tap into our own thoughts and feelings. Initially we focused on the food that we eat, where it comes from, how it is grown, or produced, how it gets onto our plates! The results were moving; the emotion in the room was almost tangible. Several women were moved to tears and it was eye-opening to see what sustainability meant to so many people. Tasks such as interpreting a poem and expressing what the word sustainability means to us by using an acrostic – where you write a word or sentence beginning with the letters of that word – were surprisingly inspirational. Here is what I wrote for ‘SUSTAINABILITY’:

Synthetic colouring stains my skin,

Under My bones,

Stocks are placed on my limbs,

Tainted by their wanting,

Aimlessly I look around,

Inside out I am torn,

Nothing tastes as good as fresh,

And nothing feels as good as new breath,

Before Man there was a Woman.

Inside of me she cried,

Like a child she looks around,

In search of brand new eyes,

To feel, to touch, to eat, to never ever waste,

Yearning for new hands, to feel the world again.

I have to admit; sharing the words I had written filled me with a kind of creative passion I had never felt before. The emotion was shocking – I never knew I felt so deeply about the issues that were raised. Then it occurred to me, perhaps all of us have these passions and feelings; we just need a medium to let them out, as was demonstrated in the group poem we all wrote a line for at the end of the session.

web poem.JPG

By student blogger
Sophia Elomri

Sophia attended a workshop facilitated by Vicky Field called ‘WHOLE EARTH? Creating a poetic response for International Women’s Day’ organised by Toni Wright, Staff Women’s Network and funded by the Futures Initiative.

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We’re back, we’re merging – and here’s what we’ve been up to!

Hello again!

After some away time while our new Student Green Office got set up (with their own blog and social media channels) we’re now all coming back together into one great blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed. Over the next few months we’ll be merging content from our other blogs on to this one, and hopefully moving over to our new student blogging platform (still with WordPress) so please bear with us through the changes!

Future blog updates will be from your friendly neighbourhood Sustainability Engagement Officer, Felicity on such things as the WHOLE EARTH? exhibition, sustainability events and photoblogs from across the year and more – but also from the brilliant Megan Cork and her Student Green Office team, the amazing Alex Metcalfe and his Edible Campus project (including Beer, Bread & Honey), the ever-awesome Maz Hamilton and the Futures Initiative project, plus guest posts from some of our wonderful student and staff volunteers and anything else any of us are passionate about and want to bring to the world’s attention!

By way of apology for our quietness during the SGO blogging months, here are some photos to show you just a few of the things we’ve been up to, and to give you an update on where we’re at!

Eco Campus Platinum Continue reading

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