You might’ve seen us at Fresher’s, or at an orientation. Maybe you picked up a copy of The Grapevine newsletter, or saw one of our campaigns in action — however you found us, though, we’re really glad you’re here!

Sustainable development, environmental awareness and social responsibility are a big deal at Canterbury Christ Church University. You might not be aware, but Sustainability is one of the five huge goals in our startegic plan, and we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the secenes to make our university a better, more energy-efficient, more environmentally-conscious and more sustainable place to study and work.

Not everything we do, however, is behind the scenes. We’ve got a lot of projects, large and small, that staff and students all across the university, and across all campuses, are getting involved with — and we’d love you to join us!

This blog Grapevine+ shows some of what the extended CCCU sustainability team have been getting up do…

Please be encouraged to drop us a line via the comments section below!


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  1. I was told about your Medieval Brewing idea by John at the Foundry and would like to write about your yeast and hop findings and, of course, the final product, in the CAMRA Branch magazine “Marsh Mash” which covers the Ashford, Folkestone and Romney Marsh areas. If you like the idea, would you please let me know if I could talk to someone about the project and take some photo’s.

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