10 ways to be sustainable at university

Planning on going to university this September? You might be thinking that staying sustainable while studying is impossible.

However, this is not the case… here are 10 easy ways you can keep green throughout your everyday life at uni!

1) Get yourself a reusable bag.


Since the introduction of the 5p charge plastic bag purchases have dropped by more than 85%. So why waste 5p on a flimsy carrier bag that might just about get your shopping home in one piece when you could buy a one off reusable bag.

2) Remember to recycle!

giphy (1)

Student properties generate a lot of waste and it can be very difficult to remind everyone in your house what can and what can’t be recycled. But if you do your bit that’s better than nothing.

3) Buy a reusable coffee mug for those tired mornings.


Most university students need a coffee to get them through the mornings, but it’s estimated that 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year in the UK. Think about buying yourself your own reusable coffee cup.

4) Walk or use bus services instead of taking a car.

giphy (2)Unless a car is absolutely necessary for your course use your legs or public transport to get around. Most universities have everything in walking distance or a great bus service set up, so why not use it?

5) Take a blanket or dressing gown to save putting on the heating.


Sometimes a blanket or dressing gown will keep you just as warm as putting the heating on and this will certainly keep your monthly bill price down.

6) Share food with flat mates to prevent lots of food waste.

giphy (3)It is estimated that the UK throw away £13 billion of food each year. Think about buying certain foods as a house to reduce the amount of food waste.

7) Buy locally produced fruit and vegetables.


Find out if you have any small local fruit and veg shops or stalls in your town and get purchasing your fresh goods from them. You will help to support local farmers and ensure  future generations will have access to nourishing food.

8) Reuse your water bottle.


Around a million plastic bottles are bought in the world every minute and the figure is set to rise by 20% by 2021. This is said to cause an environmental crisis as big as climate change. Save the environment and reuse your plastic bottles!

9) Switch lights and plugs off when leaving the room.

giphy (4)

If you have a fixed bills package it’s sometimes easy to think you can use as much electricity as you like but how about staying eco-friendly and remembering to switch lights and plugs off when you leave rooms.

10) Purchase Fairtrade products.


Look into purchasing a Fairtrade product every now and then. Not only are their products amazing quality but you will be helping to support sustainable practises to minimize our environmental footprint.

These are 10 easy steps to becoming more sustainable in your everyday life and are all ways to save yourself some extra cash too.

By Ellie Vasey
Student Journalist at Canterbury Christ Church University.

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