Sustainable Gifts

Deeming a gift eco-friendly, to some people, makes it a bit strange and something that will be put in the cupboard never to be used again.

However, here we are, at the end of 2016 and there is so much choice for eco-friendly Christmas gifts for an amazing price. So. Many. Options. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Anything from Lush.

Lush Cosmetics are renowned for their beautiful all-organic products. Unknown to some, the products are so organic that they are edible. I wouldn’t recommend eating them, but you catch my drift. At this time of year (and all year around) Lush sell already gift wrapped, affordable sets with a great selection of their seasonal products as well as the classic ones we all know and love, all in recycled packaging.

Fairtrade Chocolate.

Chocolate is great all year round, but at Christmas it’s on special just everywhere and we all eat more than we normally do. Most well-known brands sell fairtrade chocolate nowadays anyway, but usually lesser known brands that have the fairtrade label taste better and are more affordable. Treat that chocolate obsessed family member this year!


December festivities mean craft companies and environment charities join together and create ranges of gift ideas that are created with the environment in mind. Protect the Planet have an entire shop of stunning Christmas gifts that can go in the home, from recycled placemats to authentic lamps and glasses made from alcohol bottles. Vintage!

So, there’s a few ideas for you all. Enjoy!


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