Remembrance Day for Lost Species

In staggering new information, it has been assessed that three animal species become extinct every hour. This phenomenon is investigated by scientists all over the world – everyday. On a cultural scale, it can be feared that we begin to forget the beauty of these now historic life forms.


In an idea formed by the ONCA Network, tomorrow is being marked as Remembrance Day for Lost Species (30th November) all over the world. This day is a chance to learn more about forgotten species and more recent species that have become extinct over the last couple of years.

In 2011, 2012 and 2013 remembrance events for this cause have been held nationally and internationally.


This year, do something small to remember these beautiful species- light a candle or hold some kind of group activity. Let the ONCA Network know what your plans are and they’ll add it to the online map of remembrance –

November 30th, anywhere and everywhere.

Twitter: @LostSpeciesDay


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