Tips to help you get through the end of term hurdle

With 2 weeks left to go until the Christmas holidays (yes!), these last couple of weeks of term seem to drag. As a third year, I’ve done this a few times now, and there is no worse time of year than the end of term. You have no money, motivation and you’re sinking in deadlines leaving you exhausted. Home, please.

However, it’s not all rain and sadness. Here are some tips to make you feel a hell of a lot better about the drag of this time of the academic year:

1. There are deals on chocolate, EVERYWHERE.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Christmas is fast approaching (I’m so excited). The lights are up in Canterbury town centre and Costa are selling their range of Christmas drinks. When I was feeling a bit stressed the other day, I carted myself to Asda, on the hunt for some dinner. On a massive banner in the car park it said 2 for £1.50! And it was on those nifty little tubes of chocolate your parents always put in your stocking. Share this to save a life.

2. You are NOT alone

This is my go to piece of advice when I’m trying to make people feel better about something going on at uni. Don’t forget, there are around 15,000 other students at this uni. There is no way, in hell, that you are the only one who is broke, misses home and wants these assignments to be out of the way. It’s a daily statement by my housemates and I that we want the term to be over. The sweet release of having company, eh?

3. In about a month’s time, you’ll be sat around a dinner table with your family eating a yummy roast dinner and you’ve opened or are about to open your presents.

If you haven’t already noticed, as a student, time goes ridiculously fast. Before you know it, term will actually be over and your assignments will be handed in. Like anything in life, it will all come and go.

4. Try your best to study WITH people, regardless if they’re on your course

Spending hours in the library leads to feelings of anxiety, boredom and just, I don’t need to say anymore. Lately, I’ve found the best method of studying is going to the library with friends (who won’t distract you of course), and just generally having people that put you at peace around you. When you’re at the library with no one you know and you get worried, it can make you feel trapped by having no one to talk to. If a friend is around, that right there, is comfort.

5. You’re only at uni for three years, try your very best to make the most of it

I know we’ve all muttered the classic “I can’t wait for uni to be over” statement, but I feel sadness now knowing that in a few short months, I’ll be finished with uni. This makes me a lot sadder than most of my assignments do. Do everything you can to make the most it – whilst smashing it and getting a first, of course.

By Amanda Elliott, Communications Officer


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