The good, the bad and the ugly

The notion of saving our planet has had quite an impression on world media in the last month or so. Awareness is being raised for climate change on so many different platforms.

After the 2015 Paris Summit, there has finally been some progress – after countries all around the world signed an agreement to finally take action on climate change and make it a necessary goal. Whilst all of this is simply fantastic, the thoughts of most climate change activists at the time of summit was quite general – the hope that these countries will put their money where their mouth is.

Positively, in the last week or so a number of countries have taken a vow to become more or completely reliant on renewable energy sources. 48, to be exact. These countries, which are some of the most affected by global warming have vowed to go 100% renewable by 2050, countries including the Maldives, Ethiopia and Bangladesh. Collectively, these countries all, quite dangerously, feel the effects of global warming – in the form of rising sea levels and erosion, the list goes on.

Canada plans to phase-out coal powered electricity by 2030. The movement confirms Canadian PM Justin Trudeau promise to create a broader climate change plan.

In a total contrast, on the completely, bad and ugly side of things – during his campaign Donald Trump said he would ‘cancel’ the Paris agreement. How this is quite possible, we’ll never know, but, I feel we shouldn’t put anything past that man. Donald Trump has somehow, been made to believe that climate change is a ‘Chinese hoax’, this attitude towards such an important issue by the new leader of the free world is not encouraging. At this point, we can only hope that things change in Trump’s cabinets eyes.

This week, it has been reported that the North Pole is 36 degrees ABOVE it’s normal temperature. This has been expected by scientists. What hasn’t been expected, is how abnormally fast it’s happening.

Alternatively, we can take action. A contribution to change things does not take much. Get involved with your national charities regarding climate change, try to adapt some habits. Every little helps, how much longer can we go on like this?

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