A chat with Caroline Smith, CCCU Show Choir

The end of this month will see the next of the Tiny Yurt Concerts – put on by CCCU’s unbelievable show choir. The group has risen in popularity massively over the last year, putting on shows all over campus and Canterbury. I’ve had a chat with the choir’s media officer (and good friend of mine), Caroline Smith, to find out some more about the show and the choir.

Hi Caroline! So, the show choir has really come leaps and bounds in the last year or so. So many more shows and a lot more engagement with students, how has this been done?

This has really been down to all of the great work put in from the committee members of the past couple of years, especially the work of our current President, Alex Summerson, who has really done a lot to make more people feel more comfortable singing in front of people and grow their confidence. Also, the work of current member Beth Harris and last year’s VP Ruth Semmens managed to get us into contact with some great charities which has helped us get ourselves out there more, as well as our already existing ties with The Jolly Sailor pub.

Why is this important?

It’s important because it means not only are we doing more to help the community and some amazing causes, it has helped some of our members who either didn’t or don’t have the confidence to sing in front of an audience become more comfortable with this even if it is just in a group. Just last year, we had a member who couldn’t even sing in front of one person on their own at the start of the year, and then by the end of the year she was singing a solo in front of a sold out show!!

If people do want to join show choir, what steps do they have to take?

We have a Facebook page where anyone can message us and get information about joining, but for a rough overview all you have to do is come along and join in really! We meet on a Thursday evening at around 7pm, so please message us if you are interested!!

Yourself and your president Alex are some of the most friendly people I’ve ever met, so people should not be shy to join! Are you always looking for new members?

Thank you, that’s such a  good thing to hear!! We are always looking for new members, we love welcoming new people no matter how much experience you have or how good you think you are, as long as you love to sing we want you!

A little bit more on sustainability and the green office – what does sustainability mean to you?

What sustainability means to me is conserving energy to help protect the environment, as well as trying to use more greener energy, like wind or solar energy.

What made you all say yes to the yurt concert?

The fact that it’s so different to what a ‘normal’ concert we do, as this one is outside and a lot more personal so we can really connect with the audience and get a nice feel for what we’re doing. Also the fact that it’s supporting a great movement is a bonus

What kind of things can we expect from the concert?

A lot of harmonies! There’s a few well known chart songs that we’re throwing in, as well a few Christmas numbers to get people in the mood for the Christmas holidays! We may also throw in a few solo numbers from some of the members if you’re lucky!

Exciting! What is the most notable concert that the show choir has done?

Our most notable show is probably our End Of Year Showcase last year which was held at the SU, as this not only showed how far we’ve come as a whole group but also as I said earlier to show how far our less confident members have come and show off their talent as well. It was also a great chance to have a fun time and have a nice relaxed performance to end a great year on.

As there is so many of you, do you still get nervous or does the support of such a big group make it easier?

As a performing arts student myself, I personally still get nervous before every performance, and from being around the group so much I get that vibe from the rest of the group too. However, being part of a big group does help as you’re all there for each other and because everyone is so friendly it’s so easy just to feel relaxed about performing now.

Lastly, are you excited!?

Of course!! We can’t wait to get out there and show everyone what we can do and hopefully get some more members!!


There you have it! The concert is on 30th November at 3pm, near the yurt.

By Amanda Elliott, Communications Officer



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