5 Things You Didn’t Know About Climate Change

Upon the release of Leonardo DiCaprio’s new documentary film, Before The Flood, I have started to worry about climate change. Admittedly, it’s been an issue I am aware of, but I had never really thought about how huge the effects would be, the film made me realise this. In a nutshell, carbon dioxide is poisoning our air and seas, tropical forests are being cut down which causes mass death of different species, dying trees emit their stores of carbon dioxide adding to atmospheric greenhouse gasses, causing global warming.

We’ll be dealing with mass erosion, some serious weather conditions and a huge amount of animals that won’t survive the seasons. Whilst all of these effects are textbook, I have stumbled across something else whilst doing some reading about the matter. Here are 10 things you may have not considered if our climate changes:

1. Crime will rise

It has been assessed that incidence of crime is associated with temperature anomalies. To name one study, Matthew Ranson took a broad look at the information gathered. His results suggested that if the climate keeps changing at the speed it is, between 2010 and 2099, climate change will cause an additional 22,000 murders, 180,000 cases of rape and 1.2 million aggravated assaults. Scary stuff.

2. We will develop new psychological and moral issues

Quite a simply explained one. Climate change is an incredibly difficult issue, which obviously requires universal action. Humanity has never had to deal with something this huge and studies show we would struggle to handle it. It goes down to the classic, people know there is a problem, but they’d rather not know. It gets brushed under the carpet. Not good.

3. We WILL get lazier

A really hot day in the UK does have a habit of sending us all into a bit of a frenzy. However, one thing it definitely does is makes us universally lazier. When it is boiling hot – it’s difficult to get up and actually do something. According to some research included in Nature Climate Change in 2013 – humans can withstand a few hours of climate fluctuation, but suffer adverse reactions in long term exposure.

4. Possible turtle extinction

When a woman becomes pregnant, chromosomes determine to the sex of the fetus. In turtles, this determination comes from temperature. When turtle eggs are laid in beach sand, warmer conditions create female eggs and vice versa. Leading on to a lot more female turtles, a reduction in male ones, which could eventually lead to possible extinction.

5. A rocky aeroplane landing is bad for the environment

It has been recently discovered that there is a ‘green way’ of landing an aeroplane.  If a plane descends in a smoother fashion, obviously, planes reduce vibrational noise and save on fuel.

See, I told you that you didn’t know. It is very easy to ignore a problem like this, but it is not hard to reduce your carbon footprint. We can change things. It will take some work, but there are so many ways you can be more economical.

The movie, Before The Flood, is available to watch on YouTube, iTunes, National Geographic and many more online platforms for FREE. I cannot recommend watching it enough.

By student blogger, Amanda Elliott



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