9 Reasons to volunteer

Well uni has already started and there are many volunteering opportunities out there, but you don’t know what to choose? Or you are unsure whether volunteering is worth your time or whether you will have the time for it? We have answers to these questions. Read the list below to find out why volunteer. 

  1. To make new friends – volunteering is a great way to meet new people, spend time with them, get to know them and become friends with them.
  2. To work towards the Canterbury Christ Church Extra Award – in case you didn’t find out about it yet, you can win the award if you register at least 50 hours of extra curricular activities. It will make your CV stand out because the diploma will show that you graduated university with more than just a degree. Find out more information about the award here.
  3. To give your CV a boost – volunteering may even count as work experience, especially if you volunteer in a field related to what you want to do after you graduate.
  4. Gain self confidence – volunteering may not always be easy but even if you have a busy schedule and you somehow find time to volunteer, you will prove yourself how well you can handle doing extra curricular activities while studying. things and you will fell more confident.
  5. To improve/gain skills – no matter where you choose to volunteer, you will learn new things, gain skills you never though you will have and improve existing skills.
  6. Get to know yourself better – you may start doing something just to try it and then you will realise how much you love it. Volunteering can sometimes take you out of your comfort zone but you will love it and you will learn more about yourself.
  7. To get to know the local community better – volunteering is about helping others and helping you local community. This is great especially if you have just moved into a different town. What better way of immersing yourself in the community than by helping it.
  8. To make a change – it doesn’t matter if you make a small or big change in the world, what matters is that you brought your contribution and left your mark.
  9. To be part of a team – being part of a team gives you the amazing feeling of belonging. Again, this will help even more if you have just moved to Canterbury and you are home sick.

If you are asking yourself “ok, so where do I volunteer?” click here, sign up with The Core and have a look at the volunteering opportunities in the Canterbury community. We have volunteering opportunities at the Student Green Office as well. We are a friendly team and we are always happy to welcome new members in our sustainability family. You can decide how many hours you want to dedicate per week or per month and our volunteering opportunities vary from writing blog posts and taking pictures to helping out at our events. Drop us a message on Facebook if you are interested and we will get back to you with more information.


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