Organic YOUR September

It’s the time of year when you’re scrolling through Facebook and you see a lot of posts saying “Sponsor me whilst I stop drinking for October!”, “Sponsor me whilst I stop eating chocolate for a whole month!”. These bids that people all around the world take for one short month are an amazing concept, if you really want to do it. It promotes a good cycle, if you give up something or do something different for an entire month, you can probably keep going for even longer.

Whilst the vast majority of these challenges are on a self-bettering level, some organisations create these challenges for the pure benefit of the entire world and this is happening right now with Soil Association.

If you don’t already know, Soil Association is a UK based charity that aims to get us being more organic and keep our soils healthy. Founded in 1946, Soil Association has been bettering UK farming, food and wildlife through the help of their eager members.

This wonderful charity has backed thousands of campaigns over the years, but their latest is namely, #OrganicSeptember. The aim of the campaign is to rid farmers soil of dangerous chemicals and pesticides, so that our food can, in result, be organic and much healthier. This benefits us, wildlife, the environment and of course, the farmers who put all of the work in.

It’s late in the month now, but why not do this for October if it’s your kind of thing? With a rise in organic living, particularly with the number of raw vegans in the world now, delicious organic recipes are everywhere. It’s much more cost effective and generally just so easy to do.

Not only is the charity saying go organic in your eating habits, the campaign promotes organic beauty. Naturally sourced cosmetics that are cruelty free and kind to your body.

Why would you not want to take part? The benefits are astronomical in more ways than one. The community on Soil Association is extremely social, and its incredibly easy to get involved and meet others that have a similar interest in keeping the UK organic and healthy.

The charity has a huge social media following and the hashtag #OrganicSeptember has been trending in the UK a number of times.

Do go to their site for more details. If you don’t want to take part in the organic month, join the charity anyway, it’s only £3.50 a month and so worth it.


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