Celebrities who fight for a greener planet (part 2)

As we have already mentioned in our previous article, we love celebrities who use their influence to encourage their fans to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. This is why we dedicated another blog post to writing about the stars who inspire us the most.

Celebrities who promote sustainable homes

Cate Blanchetts not only has a house powered by solar energy but she also has a rainwater collection system. Bradd Pitt doesn’t stay behind when it comes to sustainable homes but he doesn’t limit to his own house. He is in the process of building sustainable homes for 150 families who were left without a home after Hurricane Katrina. Not to mention that for these houses, he is using eco-friendly materials.

Celebrities for lower carbon footprints

One of the methods Jake Gyllenhaal chose to lower his carbon footprint was to pay $10 000 for planting trees in Mozambique. Another way of lowering our carbon footprint is brought to us by Shalom Harlow, the spokesperson for the  Earth Pledge organisation. One of their main purposes is to protect trees through their Do Not Mail campaign, which aims to get read of junk mail, which ends up in the garbage most of the time.

Celebrities who promote sustainable food

Natalie Portman is one of the celebrities who made vegetarianism look cool. She has been a vegetarian since childhood and a fighter for animals rights. As part of her campaign to promote veganism and animal rights, she travelled to Rwanda to help save Silverback Gorillas and launched a line of shoes made entirely out of man made materials. The famous British Chef, Jamie Oliver, is also among the celebrities who promote a sustainable lifestyle, by encouraging people to eat home grown fruits and vegetables. Jamie Oliver started a healthy eating programe in 60 schools by replacing the unhealthy lunches which were mainly about chicken nuggets and other frozen meals with fresh meals.

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