Celebrities who fight for a greener planet (part 1)

We all have the duty to protect the planet and to encourage other people to do the same. Celebrities though, have the power to influence millions of people so it is amazing to see them use their money and fame to promote sustainable living. There are many ways of promoting a sustainable lifestyle, so in this blog post, we are going to write about the celebrities who joined green causes.

Celebrities for sustainable fashion

This year’s Red Carpet Gala turned into the Green Carpet Challenge, a initiative started by Livia Firth, the founder of Eco Age. The initiative attracted many fashion designers, including Prada, Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham. Stella McCartney even takes the challange one step further. Her studio and website are powered by wind energy.

Movie stars joined the initiative too. At the annual Met Ball, Emma Watson wore a dress made from Newlife fabric, obtained from recycled plastic bottles. Even the zippers of her dress were made from recycled plastic. The zippers on Margot Robbie’s dress were made from recycled materials while her dress was made from organic silk. Royals stand up for sustainable fashion as well. Princess Mary wore a brocade grown from H&M’s Conscious Collection to host a Fashion Summit this year.

Celebrities anti climate change

There are also celebrities who talked to us about the importance of climate change. Leonardo DiCaprio’s unforgettable Oscar speech will always remind us why it is important to live consciously. Even more, he used low-emission paints and finishes for his new house, which also features an on site water filter facility and rotating solar panels. Hayek Salma is another celebrity who fights against climate change. She is a member of Global Green, USA. She helped with providing clean drinking water to 2.5 million people, her LA home has solar panels and she drives a fuel-efficient hybrid. Penelope Cruz, Orlando Bloom and Cameron Diaz also drive fuel-efficient cars and encouraged other celebrities to do so as well.

25137376710_cc228f018c_o.jpgCelebrities who fight to protect endangered species

Other celebrities fight to protect endangered species and since the Rainforest is home to more endangered species than any other place in the world, Sting and his wife created the Rainforest Foundation in 1989 which helped protect around     71 000 square miles of Rainforest. Cameron Diaz appears again on our lists. She had a show which presented her and her friends travelling to educate people about endangered species, climate change and sustainability.

There are many more celebrities who fight to protect Mother Earth, but we want to keep our blog posts short and interesting so we are going to publish the rest in our next blog post.




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