Things to do in your first weeks at uni

Many of you may already be in Canterbury while the others are getting ready to come back, so I am sure you are all thinking how to make the most out of the first weeks of the new school year. Even though I should be suggesting that you should revise, I have a few fun suggestions too:

16th September: Sunset Safari Guided Canoe Tour organised by Canoe Wild. Enjoy the wildlife on the River Stour. Those who already went on the tour said they have seen various aquatic animals such as the kingfisher, otter, beaver, turtle doves, grebes, heron and marsh harrier. The tour starts at 17:30 in Fordwich, Britain’s littlest town and it ends at 20:30. Visit Canoe Wild for more details.

17th – 25th September: Freshers’ Week organised by the Students Union.

19 September – 7 October: CCCU Apple Harvest – Jubilee Orchard organised by Edible Campus. Even though the name of the event is quite suggestive, I need to mention the fact that the exact date is subject to change due to when the fruit ripens. Keep an eye on the Facebook page of the event.

22 September: Canterbury Hop Pocket Race organised by Canterbury Connected. The race involves a team of 4 carrying a full size hop pocket against the clock. You can have a male and female team but you can also join he race with a mixed team. There will be prizes for the fastest teams, for the best dressed team but also for the best team who has put in the most effort. Check out the website for more.5993609366_021fcb9e3c_o

23 – 25 October: Canterbury Food and Drink Festival which promises to be bigger than ever this year. There will be music, a bar, a special children area and loads of food and drinks of course! Find out more here.

24 September: Kent Film Festival will be held in Powell building on the main campus. It is a festival which presents films made out of pleasure and not for profit. Tickets can be bought at the door or in advance for discount.

I would also like to mention that during this time of the year when hopefully you have more free time, you could try different sports through Try Sport and Play Sport which provide great facilities for really low prices. For most of the sports you can turn up on the day and pay £1. It gives you a great chance to try a lot of sports and see which one is best for you, without the commitment of a gym membership. The beginning of the school year is also a good time to look for a job. Two years ago while I was applying for jobs in November, someone told me: “You should have applied in September, we found all the employees we needed when the students got back in town”. If a job is not what you are looking for, you can also get involved in volunteering projects and complete the hours for the Canterbury Christ Church Extra Award. At the Student Green Office we always love to get new members on board. If you like writing, taking pictures or giving a help with events, drop us a message on Facebook and we will get back to you with more information. Have a great start of the year!




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