5 Things to do before going back to uni

It’s that time of the year again. It feels great knowing that you will be reunited with your friends soon and you probably get super excited thinking about all the fun things you will start doing with your housemates and about all the lovely essays you are going to write this year. In the same time though, you might feel a little nostalgic because summer is over and because you know you are going to miss your family and friends. Trust me, I know the feeling but I also know that the best thing to do is to make the most out of the last days of holiday, so here is how:

  1. Have a family day – dedicate a whole day to family activities. It can be whatever you like. For me a regular family day would look like this: a nice breakfast, a long chat over coffee, going for a walk, having dinner together and playing board games. Knowing that you had fun with the dear ones before going away for a while will reduce home sickness at least a little bit.
  2. Take the dog(s) out – students who have pets sure know that they will probably miss their pets almost as much as they would miss any other family member. So spend some time with them too. Your dogs will love a walk in the park (at least my dogs do) but if you have other pets do whatever you think they will enjoy.
  3. Have a sleepover with your closest friends – sleepovers have the tendency to make a friendship even stronger and it will be a great way to connect with the friends you will not see for a while.
  4. Clean your room – this activity doesn’t seem as fun as the other ones but it will be great to walk into a clean room when you go back home for Christmas.
  5. Pack for uni and sort out the things you are leaving behind. Pack wisely and don’t bring more than you need. If you are flying to university you know you have a limited amount of luggage you can bring on the plane but if you are driving to university remember: a super loaded car will waste more gas, which pollutes more and wastes your money. When you start packing, look through the things you are leaving behind. When was the last time you used that thing? – there is no point in keeping your closet clogged with things you don’t need but they could be really useful to other people so donate some of the stuff you are not using.


Make the most out of your time at home and have a safe trip to uni!

Photo credit: John Fielding (no modifications were made)



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