Summer fruits you need to snack on

Summer is a great time not only to go to the beach and to relax but it is also a good time to eat fresh fruits. We came up with a list of fruits that you should snack on during the warm summer days. Have a look below!

Apricots, nectarines and peaches – apart from having a good taste they are also efficient in treating constipation and indigestion and have a positive impact on your heart’s health, on your skin, on your vision and they can help you loose weight and lower the cholesterol level in your blood.

Blackberries and raspberries – help you improve your digestive health, they boost your imune system, they help injuries heal faster and they also help maintain normal bowel movement. Also, like peaches and apricots, they have health benefits for your eyes, bones, heart, cholesterol level and help you loose weight.

Cherries – can protect you from diabetes, they can help you sleep better because they contain melatonin and they can even help with reducing jet leg. Cherries are a memory booster fruit which is why they can be used in the prevention of Alzheimer’s . Not to mention the fact that cherries slow down skin ageing, they reduce the pain of osteoarthritis, they lower the risk of gout attacks and they are good for the heart and colon health.

Currants – are good for skin and heart health, they help with fighting infections, they assist in red blood cells formation and they can improve digestion and bone health.

Watermelons – can reduce muscle soreness, reduce inflammations and since they contain a lot of water, they keep you hydrated.

Plums – help your body to regulate the blood pressure and therefore offer precious help in maintaining a healthy heart. Plums also help prevent against constipation and they help you maintain a normal sugar level in your blood.

Strawberries – boost immunity, they help your body fight bad cholesterol, they maintain eye health and are good in combating wrinkles.

Furthermore, fruits are rich in antioxidants which are efficient in the prevention and treatment of cancer. On Friday we are going to publish a blog post about some really easy to make fruit salad recipes, so don’t forget to check it out!

Photo Credit: Lindsey Turner (no modifications were made)

Featured image creditMichael Stern.




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