12 Ways to reduce packaging

In our modern world, almost all the goods we buy come in packages. We use the goods, then throw away the package. Excessive packaging makes up almost one third of the waste that we generate. This is why it is important to avoid non reusable packaging as much as possible. Here are a few ways of doing so:

  1. Use a travel mug when you buy coffee or tea.
  2. Bulk buys – saves money and uses less packaging than buying smaller quantities.
  3. Chose the package that is easier to recycle. For example, buy milk in glass or plastic than milk packed in tetra packs which are harder to recycle.
  4. Use a stainless steel water bottle and just refill it instead of buying plastic water bottles every time you need a drink.
  5. Buy fresh fruit and vegetables rather than canned ones.
  6. Use cloth napkins whenever you can instead of the paper napkins.
  7. Buy blocks of cheese instead of individual packed slices.
  8. Use reusable containers to store leftovers.
  9. Don’t use paper towels to dry your fruit or vegetables. Let them air dry.
  10. Avoid paper coffee filters.
  11. Use cloth towels to dry your hands and also use cloth towels to clean and wipe various surfaces around the house.
  12. Chose reusable baking trays over the aluminium trays.
Photo Credit: Scrap This Pack (no modifications were made)



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