Benefits of cycling

Not only that cycling is fun but it has great health and environmental benefits. Cycling boosts your bowels, your immune system and it helps you burn calories.What is even better is the fact that cycling offers you all these health benefits without putting as much pressure on your legs, knees, ankles and feet as running does.

Not to mention that sport helps you get fit and burning calories means guilt free snacks after working out. Cycling also has a great impact on your mental health. Cycling is a relaxing activity and it reduces stress which is why a lot of people choose to cycle to and from work/school/uni. Your boss, co-workers or colleagues might even admire you for it, because a lot of people would like to be able to cycle daily but they are not able to. Not to mention that less stress means better performances.

Cycling is also a means of transport, not just a way to get fit, so think about how much money you can save if you cycle to uni or work instead of driving or taking the bus. The environment will thank you for it, because every time you choose cycling over driving you help us fight pollution.

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