Don’t find Dory

Finding Dory is probably one of the most popular movies of the year, and it had an opening estimated at $54.9 million in June. Despite the fact that the movie is about friendship, love and adventure, it might represent a risk to marine life, as you may have heard already.

The problem comes from the fact that Dory is a Blue Tang, a species which has a hard time reproducing in captivity. Just like Finding Nemo increased the demand of orange clown fish as pets, Finding Dory is expected to do the same for the Blue Tang. Luckily, the Clown Fish can adapt and reproduce in captivity a lot easier than the Blue Tang, so a big part of the Clown Fish pets were born in captivity. However, the Blue Tang is not being able to reproduce at a speed which would satisfy the demand. This is why marine biologists are afraid that the fish will be taken straight from the oceans, to satisfy the children who want to have a Dory pet.

Even if fish don’t seem to require a lot of care, it can be a challenge to take good care of them. It is a lot easier, cheaper and safer for the fish to simply find Dory in the Cinemas and not in pet shops, or simply buy a stuffed Dory toy. Marine biologists hope that by raising awareness, there will be a decrease in the demand of Blue Tang pets, so help them by raising awareness among your friends and acquaintances.



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