Tiger Temples: the truth behind the ideal Facebook picture

When travelling became easier and therefore more accessible and more popular, “mainstream” tourist activities like visiting a museum and taking pictures in front of the Colosseum or in from of The Big Ben became too common and boring some may say. This how interest towards exotic destinations grew and places like the Tiger Temples in India and Thailand gained world wide fame and an important spot on many travel enthusiasts’ bucket lists.

Those perfect Facebook pictures of our friends hugging tigers or laying with the exotic cats gained many likes and made many jealous. Those pictures though come at a huge price which is unfortunately payed by the tigers. They are drugged, sedated and tortured for those great shots. The keepers often say that they are so peaceful because the heat makes them sleepy but would that really be the truth when they are being tossed and turned and they don’t even open their eyes? You don’t have to be an expert in wild animals to realiase that these 400 pounds felines are build to fight, bite and kill in their natural habitats and would do just the same thing to the hoards of tourists to defend themselves if they weren’t sedated or so closely tied to the ground to where they can’t properly stand up.

Not to mention that another main attraction of the temples are the cubs which are often taken away from their mothers and given to tourists to bottle feed them. Of course, there is nothing wrong with feeding animals but many things are wrong with taking a cub from its mother (tigers would normally stay with their cubs until they are two years old) and feeding a cub all day long until they can’t swallow any more milk, just for making profit. Is it really worth torturing an animal just for that perfect shot?


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