Animal Testing

We all know that animal testing is a very cruel and unfair treatment towards animals, for the sake of our cosmetics and other toiletries.  The animals which are subjects to animal testing are often euthanized at the end of the testing and examination period, not to mention the painful life they go through until that moment.

However, even if we want to avoid brands which test on animals, many of us discovered that it is harder than it seems, because some of the world’s most famous brands do test on animals and because most of them don’t point that out in a clear way, making it harder for us to determine which brands are cruelty free and which aren’t.

The best way to find out the truth is to search information about the company on the internet and if you can’t find anything clear on their website, either send them an email or try to find out if they test on animals or not from forums.

Us at the SGO did a little bit of research as well to find a few stores on the high street which sell cruelty free products and the shops which made the list are: The Body Shop, as you probably knew already, Lush which even has vegan cruelty free and palm oil free (find out here why you should avoid palm oil) cosmetics and Superdrug which stocks a few cruelty free cosmetic. You can find more information about cruelty free products on PETA’s website  .

Tell us what your favourite cruelty free cosmetics are, in the comment section below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages: CCCU Sustainability.



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