Reflection on campus walk

How many of us keep our heads down as we rush round the campus from one place to another?  Do we take time to notice what is around us or pause to reflect on aspects of our own lives? Walk Ways is a series of six short guided walks around different parts of the campus designed to help us see the world and ourselves differently. They have been created and are led by three of CCCU’s academics: Victoria Field, Sonia Overall and Simon Wilson.   A group of twelve of us gathered outside the sustainability Yurt at midday on Tuesday 17th May for the first of the walks, to be taken on a ‘Pilgrimage to the Self’ under the expert guidance of lecturer, writer and poetry therapist, Victoria Field.  We paused to listen to sounds, we thought about the baggage we would like to leave behind, we pondered on things that are growing and we savoured arriving at a ‘special place’.  With readings from poetry and prose to punctuate our pilgrimage, this really was a chance to reconnect with our surroundings and ourselves in a completely different way.

WW photo for blog.jpg

A further five lunchtime walks, all funded by the Futures Initiative, took place over the following few weeks. They were: ‘Boundaries and Portals’, ‘Stopping and Staring’, ‘Uncanny Canterbury’, ‘Green spaces and the Labyrinth’ and ‘Unearthing Ancient Paths’.    It is hoped to make information on these walks more widely available to staff and students come next academic year, and to offer the same walks again, guided by their creators, as intervals during the year. Maz Hamilton at can give you more information, if you’re interested in finding out more about this project.


Stephen Scoffham


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