Sustainable Prosperity

What might sustainable prosperity actually be like?  Would it mean going back to cave dwellings and hair shirts?  Do we really need to go on consuming more and more stuff?  Tim Jackson, author of Prosperity Without Growth thinks not.  A professor of economics from the University of Surrey, he wants to find ways of making the economy actually work for people; and economy which creates a culture of care and trust rather than greed and exploitation.  On Monday 23rdc May, colleagues from Christ Church attended a debate led by Caroline Lucas (the country’s first and only Green Party MP), Satish Kumar (environmental activist) and others to celebrate the foundation of the ‘Centre for ‘Understanding Sustainable Prosperity ‘ (CUSP) which Tim will lead for the next five years.  The debate was held at City Hall, Westminster where, 70 years ago, the United Nations was founded.  Will this new organisation prove to be just as important in the years to come?  That might be stretching the imagination, but the scale of the environmental challenges which lie ahead certainly do require a massive international response.  Recalibrating our economic system is going to be part of this process and new thinking about how we run organise our affairs is desperately needed.


Please go to the website of  the Centre for the Understanding Of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP), for more information.

Stephen Scoffham


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