SGO: 6 reasons why you should shop at charity shops

Let’s admit it – fashion is a big part of our lives. Even if you are not the type of person that is interested in keeping up with the latest trends, you still have to wear something. Buying clothes can not only have a negative impact on your bank account, because it can be expensive, but it can also have a negative impact on the environment, because growing the materials which are used to make clothes, such as cotton, can be a problem to the environment (Read our article about organic cotton for more details). However, charity shops can be a gold mine for people who want clothes which are more unique, cheaper and more sustainable. Here are 6 reasons why shopping at charity shops is great:

  1. It is cheap.
  2. You extend the life of a product and therefore you help with reducing the need to grow cotton and other materials.
  3. You can find unique things there, especially since some of the clothes you may find in a charity shop were made a while ago so the chances of ending up wearing the same shirt as the person next door are a lot lower.
  4. It helps the ones in need because the money goes to charity.
  5. You can find designer clothes for cheap. There are even people who donate designer clothes or at least clothes from more expensive brands. My mother once bough me a Tommy Hilfiger jacket for under £10.
  6. Macklemore does it too – OK I am not sure about this one but that is what he said in his thrift shop song in which he really promotes the cool things you can find in these shops. If he couldn’t convince you I don’t even know why I am still trying.

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