SGO: Facts about the brewing process

As many of you may already know, as part of the Beer, Bread and Honey project, we came up with our University’s own ale, in partnership with the Foundry Brew Pub. The name of the ale is Green Chapel and it is made with hops grown on the Canterbury campus. You can buy the beer at the Lounge and if you would like to feed your curiosity with more information about the beer making process, then keep reading

Did you know that:

  • The main ingredients you will find in any beer are: water, malt, hops and yeast.
  • Malting is the first step of the beer making process and it starts by letting the grain soak in water and then the malt is left to dry in a kiln for several hours where it is exposed gradually to higher and higher temperatures.
  • Depending on the malting process, the malt gets different colours and flavours.
  • The amount of malt that is used influences the strength of the beer while the type of malt that is used influences the the colour of the beer.
  • The hops are responsible for the bitterness of the beer or ale, due to the alpha acids that are in the hops.
  • Most brewers allow the CO2 to escape during the fermentation process and add carbonation (for bubbles) to the beer after the fermentation process is over. They do this because if the CO2 would be trapped in the containers during the fermentation process, they could crack or explode under pressure.
  • Some brewers also add sugar and yeast into the bottle when they pour the product we all love into the bottles, allowing the beer to fermentate inside. This can also be called the second fermentation- this naturally adds carbonation to the beer as well as adding more flavour to the final product.





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