SGO: The Tiny Yurt Concerts

On Wednesday the 11th of May we have the pleasure of inviting you to the first concert of the Tiny Yurt concert series. The inspiration for the Tiny Yurt concerts are the very successful  Tiny Desk concerts, where famous artists are invited to perform in a small office. Usually the artists sing two or three songs and even very famous artists like Adele performed at the Tiny Desk concerts. So, in the way in which for the Tiny Desk concerts artists perform in a small office, our concerts will be held in the small pond yard outside Laud which is why we came up with the name Tiny Yurt.

The reason for which the Student Green Office started its own series of concerts is to give talented Christ Church students the chance to perform live and to give students and staff members the chance to listen to quality music in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Our star for the first concert will be Isabelle  Brinan who is currently a student at Canterbury Christ Church University and the president of the Ukulele society. Her inspiration is Paramore because their “lyrics are very helpful in processing my own emotions and experiences” and because their songs encourage you to get over your mistakes and to express yourself.

Join us on Wednesday the 11th of May from 13:30 in the Pond Yard to listen to Izzy. Bring your friends and let’s have some fun!

Check out our Facebook event for more details:



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