Water waste

Water is one of our most valuable resources and unfortunately many of us take it for granted and waste it. To us in Europe this resource is cheap and easily available which is why we tend to take it for granted. For those of us who lived in Europe our whole lives and had access to clean water unconditionally it is hard to perceive a different world and to understand the fact that not everyone has this luxury.

In many African countries, children, adults and elderly people have to walk even kilometers every day to get water and sometimes that water is not even clean. This is one of the aspects the WHOLE EARTH?! exhibition is trying to bring into our attention. The exhibition is trying to make us aware of how hard it is for some of us to get potable water and to make us understand that we need to do something to change this situation. If you wouldn’t like to be thirsty and have to drink dirty water because you have no other choice, trust me-no one does. Everyone should have access to clean water.

File_001 (4)


Have a look at some of these figures: (source: http://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com)

12 liters of water are necessary only to produce one tomato.

125 liters of water are necessary to produce enough rice for a single portion.

650 liters of water are necessary to produce one chicken breast.

This is the reason why we should save water where we can. You can do little things which have a great impact like: not leaving the water to run while you brush your teeth, turn off the water while you wash the dishes and turn it on when you rinse them, if the water you had in your glass or bottle all day/night is not good to drink anymore, use it to water the plants instead of just throwing it down the drain and generally try to make the most out of every drop.



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