SGO: Say no to animal fur!

I am sure that you have all heard about this topic before. The aim of this blog post though, is not to judge or scare anyone, but it aims to raise awareness. People are aware of the fact that animals die for the sake of fashion, but unfortunately not enough people are aware of the torture these animals go through until they die. I will start by saying that the animals are skinned alive and they feel all the pain. Alternative methods include, killing the animals with gas, electrocution, suffocation and poisoning. Some of the animals used for fur are: beavers, chinchillas, dog, cats, foxes, minks, rabbits, raccoons, seals and bears.

All the animals who are raised in fur farms spend their lives growing in filthy, tight cages and they even see other animals being killed in front of them. The animals who are hunted for fur don’t have happy ends either. They are either shot or cough in painful traps, where they wait for their killer. However, they can stay there even for days and weeks, suffering a slow and very painful death. If they are lucky enough to escape there are high chances they will die of blood loss or starvation, as it is hard to fight for your life or for food when your leg was crushed.

Nowadays fake furs and fake leathers imitate the real ones so well that it is hard to tell them apart. Fake furs give you the advantages of wearing fur but without the disadvantages. I am a great fan of fake furs because they help me stay warm in winter and they are so much cheaper than natural furs. Have a look at some of my favourite fake fur and fake skin items: (they look so real but no animal had to die for them)


We can all do something to stop this:

  1. Don’t buy anything made out of animal fur – fake fur jackets are so much cheaper and they look just like real fur
  2. Convince everyone you know to do the same
  3. Raise awareness

Together we can make a change.

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