SGO: Fairtrade at CCCU

As we discussed in previous articles, choosing Fairtrade products means contributing to the welfare of the workers and to the development of their communities. This is why, our university works hard to provide us with Fairtrade products and to encourage us to be fair. To support this initiative, the university organised the Fairtrade Fortnight when students and staff were rewarded for buying Fairtrade products. For example, those who bought a Fairtrade item from the CCCU bookstore received a voucher for a free drink in the Touchdown Café.  Moreover, there were given raffle tickets for every Fairtrade item bought from the Touchdown and there were of course prizes for the winners.

It may seem an easy job to get Fairtrade products for the Touchdowns and Food Court since you can see Fairtrade products in a lot of Canterbury supermarkets but it is not easy to find Fairtrade products in the quantities needed for the university.  Also it is not easy to sell them either because Fairtrade products are slightly more expensive and a higher retail price results in having less students buying them. The key however, is balance and the Touchdown is trying to offer quite a various range of Fairtrade products for the best price they can. Some of the Fairtrade items you can choose from are: Fairtrade cupcakes, bananas, mangoes but the drinks are Fairtrade too so give them a go!


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