Mummy, daughter gardening 

Spring is here and it is fabulous!

Lily and I have been growing a small plant we received as part of an activity box a few months ago and she loves it. It got us thinking about how we can encourage this further, so we have started looking at mini greenhouses for her.


This is really exciting for all of us. Neither Matt or I are particularly ‘green fingered’, but Lily’s grandad is and he does a lot of gardening at the nursery. Hopefully, this will encourage her to do more. It has meant a trip to our local garden centre for supplies.


We need something to plant everything in. You can purchase either ceramic pots or plastic ones. It really is down to personal choice. We’ve gone for plastic ones as it is a bit safer with Lily. Get a varying range of sizes so you can vary what you plant!


Soil is a must. There are different types so once you have decided what it is you will mainly be planting, head to your local garden centre and get some advice and guidance from the sales advisors. They have a font of knowledge and are always willing to help. We bought a bag of multipurpose compost white plant food additives.


Chain and lock!

We have a ground floor flat and live on top of a hill, so wind is a big issue. A chain and lock to keep the greenhouse up right against the railings is a must have. It also helps protect against theft, which needs to be a consideration in our situation.


Finally, you need something to plant and nurture. I let Lily run riot a little in this department and she came back with some flower and herb seeds and of course, carrots (she loves them!).

We bought Lily a small bag with all the tools she will need, like a watering can etc. All the tools have easy to grip handles, perfect for children or those who suffer with joint pain.


Fingers crossed for our plants grow enough to take some pictures for you all!



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