SGO: Get into the ‘green scene’

With the constant stress of looming deadlines and essay writing, doing anything to reduce the stress is something us students are always on the hunt for. Well, look no further as there is a very simple thing you can do to help reduce that stress and the secret is… surround yourself in natural beauty.

Charlie Hole Studying in a Green Environment 1

That’s right, just from simply being in a natural environment can reduce levels of stress and increase positive emotion. There are many studies that have supported this notion that being in a green environment lowers depression and anxiety, as well as comparing it to the effect of more urban and busy environments, which tend to increase stress and anxiety. So by working with a green view it can help you feel more positive and hopefully help to get those grades up!


Not only is it beneficial for student life but it may be useful to know for the future that being in green spaces has a lasting positive effect on wellbeing. People who live in greener areas are less stressed which helps with communication and sensible decision making. Even if you are a city dweller, regularly visiting parks can positively impact mental health and wellbeing.

Green environments can also help your physical health, did you know that sitting in a sunlight room with views of trees and more natural landscapes can help you get over bugs and viruses? It relates to the idea that being less stressed and these naturally beautiful views can help calm you and this helps the body to rest a recover quicker, just something to consider the next time you are getting over fresher’s flu or your housemates are passing around the colds.


We are lucky enough to live in a city that is full of natural beauty so why not benefit from it? Next time you are in the library head to the top floor and pick a computer that has the nicest view. Or if you stuck in a computer room on campus pick a seat near a window with a view of some greenery, our campus is full of gardens and trees. Even if you prefer to study at home, invest in small plant or even a poster of a natural landscape any of these will help to create that calming sensation, and with any luck help get you through those essays. Give the green scene a go, what have you got to lose?

Yurt in AH 02

If you are interested in finding out a bit more behind the science of it all and where the research is going, check out these links!

by student blogger, Charlie Hole



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