SGO: The WHOLE EARTH? exhibition is back

We have good news, the WHOLE EARTH? exhibition is back. This time it is located near Moore building, on the tennis courts.

The exhibition touches strong themes, such as poverty, recycling, water waste, climate change and education, supporting its message through emotional pictures and words that leave you speechless. Unfortunately it is not being explained to us well enough in school, at home or at work how much the environment has changed because of our actions in the last century and what drastic changes are waiting for us if we keep changing the environment in the negative way and at the pace we have been changing it so far. Or if we are being told about these problems, the focus is put on the catastrophic aspects instead of being put on the positive changes each and every one of us can do. Yes. We can do something about pollution, poverty, energy and water waste. You can bring a positive impact to our planet starting today. However, time is a precious factor. We should start putting effort into making the environment more sustainable now. Not tomorrow, not next week not next year, but now.

This is exactly what The WHOLE EARTH? exhibition is about, explaining the situation we are in today in a way we can understand it and in a way which will motivate us to make changes to the community we live in and directly to the planet, by starting to make changes in our lives. Small changes like saving energy, avoiding food waste and recycling are just some of the small aspects we can incorporate in our daily routine but which have a great positive impact.

So, what are you waiting for? See the pictures with your own eyes at the exhibition and bring change to the world with your own hands. Do it now!


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