SGO: Take Action: Feed Birds

The RSPB suggests that it is good to feed birds all year round but especially during winter, as this is the most difficult time for wildlife due to the lack of food but also in spring when parent birds need more food than usual for themselves and for their little ones. However, if you want to start feeding birds it is good to do it regularly, as they will get used to finding food in your garden and rely on it. 

The ideal bird meals include: mealworms, which are rich in proteins, fruits for vitamins, peanuts, sunflower seeds, coconuts (open it and drain it and just leave it somewhere where birds can find it) and nyjer seeds.

Bird-friendly gardening is another important step to take if you want to take care of urban birds. Plant ivy and holly because their berries are ready to be eaten in winter, plant spindle, brambles, and nettles. Even though nettles attract insects, it is enough to keep just a few in your garden to attract just enough insects for the birds to eat. Avoid leaving cooked meals out for birds, cooked oats or milk as they cannot digest it.

Also make sure that the birds have fresh water around, and make sure the water is always clean and good for them to drink. Last but not least, avoid using pesticides and other substances that might harm birds.

For more information, visit BBC and RSPB websites.

By Irina Travels
Student Blogger


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