SGO: Eco Fiction

In today’s article, we are going to have a look at some of the most significant fiction books which got the world talking about the environment and the importance of living a sustainable life.

One of these books is written by Arthur Clarke and it is called The City and The Stars. The book was published in 1956 and the action is going on in the future. The story pictures planet earth as a hostile place, which became almost entirely a desert. Most people left earth and the ones who did not lived in a city where life was dictated by computers. This is a resemblance to our days where our lives are more and more connected to technology and the story can be seen as a message and as a warning: if we do not take care of out planet, sooner or later humanity might have to look for another home.

Another book that has a great connection with environmental problems is The Caves of Steelwritten by Issac Asimov. In the story, the earth was almost completely radio active, a lot of people emigrated to foreign planets and on earth it was only possible to live in Steel Caves  which are described as huge city complexes which were covered in metal domes.

In relation to the books written by Issac Asimov, another one of his fiction stories, Pebble in The Sky, also pictures earth as a radio active place, making the readers think about the fact that this might become true if we keep polluting our planet. The earth was brought into such a bad condition that it was a low-status part of the Galactic Empire and it was looked down upon by those who emigrated to planets with higher statuses and better living conditions.

In conclusion, the message that all these books have in common, is what humanity might face in the future if we disrespect and not take care of the world we live in. So let’s take care of our home together!

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