SGO: What a wonderful day: the Spring Festival

Theoretically speaking spring has been around for the last 10 days but only today we started to actually feel it. To welcome Spring to our campus, the CCCU Events Management students organised a Spring Festival. Second year students who study Events Management organise the festival every year. The theme of the festival is sustainability and the Student Green Office has been offering advice and financial support for the past 4 years, to the students who are organizing the festival.

The Spring Festival was held on the North Holmes Campus, just outside Loud. The entry was free and those who attended the event were able to enjoy exciting activities. Visitors were able to listen to African Beats while they were trying delicious meals, sweets and treats. The best part is that all the money we raised from the event was sent to charity.

If you missed the event, stay tuned because on the 27th of March we are going to release the third podcast of the Talk Green show which will include an exclusive interview with Megan Cork, one of the organisers.

By student blogger,
Irina Cristache


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