SGO: Eating out sustainably in Canterbury

When you are going to spend some money to eat out, it is good to know if the price you pay contributes to the economy of your local community or if it contributes to the fight for giving a fair wage to those of foreign communities. This is why we went out to talk to some local businesses and came up with this list of just some of the places from Canterbury which sell meals made from locally grown ingredients or from organic and Fairtrade products.

Food CC Tom VanAllen

At Marks & Spencer, you can buy Kentish strawberries, grown in Thanet and organic bananas  and cabbage. If you are in the mood for fresh juices, the Micro Roastery Coffee House is selling apple juice made from apples grown in Kent. Moreover, The Chocolate Café can serve you with some local strawberries too.

The City Terrace is a coffee shop and bakery, which buy their vegetables from Dumbrells, a greengrocer which grows the vegetable in Kent, and their meat and other poultry products are bought from Abbots, another local supplier.

Moving on to more consistent meals, you should know that The City Fish Bar has been making their chips from potatoes grown in Kent for about thirty years. If you are a fan of lasagna, check out the one from The Seven Stars pub. The chef told me that they buy their vegetables from Dumbrells as well, who grow their vegetables in Faversham. Furthermore, seafood fans would love to know that at La Trappiste you can have a taste of Whitstable, by trying the Whitstable mussels.

For a sustainable desert, The Beaney is selling organic Fairtrade chocolate. Here you can buy Green and Black’s chocolate and you can choose from two varieties: white chocolate and dark chocolate.

Bon Appetit!


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