SGO: ‘Grow-your-own’

First installment of our new Grow-Your-Own series with hints and tips on what to plant and when!

Now that spring is close and the coldest months of the year are gone, it is time to prepare your garden for summer!


Even though March is already here, there is still time to catch up and plant onions, tomatoes and herbs such as dill, parsley, oregano and basil.

Dill, parsley, onion and oregano can be planted from seeds. You just need to prepare the ground by pulling out weeds and making sure that you plant them in an area of your garden which gets a lot of sun. Actually, the strength of the aroma in oregano is influenced by the amount of heat it gets, so the more sun the better.

Tomatoes require a little more preparation but do not get put off by that. You can plant them straight into the ground by putting a few tomato seeds not too deep into the ground. Keep a distance of 50 cm between the spots where you plant each one. When they start growing, vertically position a stick of about 1 meter into the ground. and gently tie the plant to it (tomatoes need to lean on something to grow nicely). A tip from my grandparents is to dig a long groove and plant the tomatoes  on two parallel lines in it. This will make watering much easier, because in the hot summer months you can just fill 1/3 of the groove with water which will spread evenly to every tomato plant.

March is the ideal time to plant beets, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, corn, basil, melons, peppers, cucumbers and peas. You can plant them all from seeds. For peppers, cucumbers and peas it is good to follow the same rules as for planting tomatoes.

If you did not have time to plant everything you wanted in March no worries, because April, May and June are good months for these plants too. However, April and May are also a great time to plant beans and squash. You can plant them both from seeds but the beans will need a stick to lean on, just like the tomatoes. In June you can plant herbs which love heat, like thyme, and sage.

July is a good time to plant Kale which will be just perfect to harvest in the fall and winter months.

In August you can dedicate some time to plant flowers from bulbs. You can plant tulips, Gladiator Allium, Daffodils and more. Don’t forget that in August you can also plant radish and spinach.

As well as August, September is also an appropriate time to plant spinach and radish, two plants which grow quite fast. In September and October you can also prepare your garden for the next year by putting blueberry plants. The second month of autumn is also a good time to plant garlic and herbs like parsley and mint.

In November, December and January, you can plant vegetables and especially herbs indoors, in flower pots or in a green house to get an early start for the next warm season.

by student blogger, Irina Cristache


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