SGO: Renewable energy of the future


The UK’s current energy is mainly derived from fossil fuels. Shocking, only around 5% comes from renewable energies. Something needs to change.


Goals according to WWF-UK:

By the year 2030, the United Kingdom could be at a point where 90% of its energy comes from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or tidal.

A UK energy research centre has agreed, saying these are achievable goals. What is lacking is political will.

houses of parliament.jpg

Excitingly, by 2050 Europe could have 80% of its energy coming from renewable energies.

The aims of the UK should be to:

  • Become a world leader of renewable energy
  • To be at the point of where 90% of our energy is renewable by 2030.

Wouldn’t that be incredible? Join us in our fight for renewable energy at Renewable Energy UK.

by student blogger,
James Kray-Hall


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