SGO: Give your home an eco-facelift

Whether you live in student accommodation, an apartment or at home with your parents, a bedroom makeover is always a nice way to lift your spirits during the post-Christmas blues. However, no need to worry about spending a lot of money. Here are our top tips on revamping your home- the sustainable way!

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Reuse your old bits and bobs. Whether it’s an old chair your parents want to get rid of, a chest of drawers, or even an old crate. Instead of chucking it away and splurging money on buying a new one, upcycle your chair by upholstering it with new fabric, give your drawers a coat of paint or turn your crate into a nifty shoe box.

Read this article to learn how to upcycle your old armchair. Not only will you have an awesome new addition to your bedroom, you will be learning a handy new skill in the process. Visit Prima to discover tips on upcycling your old unwanted furniture.


If you want a piece you do not currently own, instead of going straight to Argos, Primark or IKEA, take some time visiting antique stores, charity shops or garage sales. They can have some awesome items, such as chairs or side tables for very reasonable prices. After a unique vase or photo frame? Choose to shop at independent or local stores. Canterbury has a variety of small interiors stores such as Sowleys– selling local, fairly made items and Queen Bee Home, selling hand-painted furniture, gifts and accessories. Local craft fairs will also sell a variety of objects perfect for decorating your bedroom with.


Use photos, paintings or prints to brighten your room. If your window is small, frame photos of natural scenes, such as the seaside or river. You could also frame photos of friends and family. To be more sustainable, paint or photograph the artwork yourself! It’ll save a tonne of money and your hard work will make your room even more special. You could even make your own photo frames if you’re feeling extra creative!


Decorate with plants to literally make your room green. Plants not only look good and liven up your space, they also clean the air. They help remove toxins and carbon monoxide. Be wary of allergies and chemical intolerances; if you have any doubts keep plants out of the bedroom. Be creative with pots and vases. Use old jars and second hand pots. Could you be extra creative, using items such as old welly boots or glass bottles as pots? Place large plants in corners of the room. Cluster them together, ensuring they are in a location location where they receive plenty of light.

Love the idea of nature? Don’t stop with plants! Collect stones, pebbles, shells. Put them on a table top in a (ideally homemade or recycled) display dish (how about a dish made of an old record?), near the plants. The perfect way to cheaply and simply add décor to your home!


Turn sustainable interior design into a social event. Host a Swap Party. Ask everyone to bring good-condition interior items they don’t want, such as photo frames, pen pots, candle holders and cushions. Swap your unwanted items for your friends’ items that you do actually want. A fun and sustainable way to discover new pieces to furnish your room! Interested in hosting a swap party? Find out how to here.

by student blogger, Megan Cork














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