SGO: Upcycling; ways to do it and why

The opportunities of reusing objects you don’t use anymore are endless. After reading this article you will think twice before throwing away something, knowing that you could transform it into something unique.

Blog Upcycling CC Tara Ross 7

Here are some examples:

Turn old light bulbs into little vases. Use a piece of string to hang the bulb upside down, put some water in it and place a few flowers in it.

Turn used tires into outdoor chairs. What if you paint the tires you don’t need anymore, stack two or three together and make some creative accessories for your backyard?

Old magazines could become new posters. Instead of throwing the magazines you had already read, why don’t you cut the pictures you like the most and make a cool poster for your room. Or even better, use them to create covers for your notebooks. Like this:

Irina Upcycling 1

Even old buttons can be used for artistic purposes. Glue as many as you want on to a piece of scrap paper and then frame it. Voila! Now you have a new decoration for your room.

Old shopping bag can become new garbage bags. Why pay money on something that goes literally straight into the bin- like those small garbage bags for your room or bathroom? Let old shopping bags do the job and you get to save money.

Turn food packaging into storing containers. When you buy honey, maple syrup, hot chocolate, sour cream or anything else that comes into a receptacle which could be reused, don’t throw it away, but wash it and use it to store other leftovers.

In case you are moving out and you have kitchen appliances which you don’t need anymore, donate them to charity or to a friend who needs them.

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by student blogger, Irina Cristache


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