SGO: Say ‘no’ to the winter blues

During the cold, wet and miserable winter months it is easy to start feeling negative and down, with a lack of energy and motivation. This coupled with bad health and diet can lead to feeling the winter blues.

Winter blues CC Edgar Languren

No need to worry though, as here are some top tips on how to fight the blues and feel positive and healthy during the winter months!

  1. Keep yourself warm! Make sure you are not feeling the cold this winter, as this will make you more vulnerable to illnesses such as colds and flu. Wearing enough clothing and having your heating on, will help you stay warm during the bad weather.
  2. Eat a healthy balanced diet! By making sure you are eating a healthy and nutritional diet, this will keep your body feeling healthy with plenty of energy. Eating enough fruit and vegetables can be a challenge, especially for students, but start being inventive with hearty meals that include lots of winter vegetables. Or replace sugary snacks with healthy alternatives to fulfill your cravings.
  3. Keep active! Maintain your fitness and health through exercising, by whatever means suits you. From going to the gym, to going on walks, keeping active will not only keep you fit and healthy but will help with your mental well-being too; allowing for positive thinking and high motivation levels.
  4. Have enough sleep! During the winter months, we are more likely to sleep more because of the longer nights but this is not a bad thing as you can use it to catch up on any sleep debt you may have built up, when the weather was warmer. This will keep you feeling healthy and refreshed; adding to your physical and mental well-being.
  5. Treat your skin and body! During the cold months, your skin can be dried out and feel sensitive to the elements. Keep yourself well moisturised and pamper yourself with luxury beauty products. Treating yourself to a long bath can also help your body stay feeling fresh and healthy; leaving you feeling more positive and happy.

For more information on how to say no to those winter blues and help your winter well-being, take a look at the NHS choices tips to staying healthy or body and soul top tips for winter well-being!

by student blogger, Natalie Blower

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