SGO: How to host a swap-party

Hosting a swap party is a great way to have fun with your friends, get rid of any unwanted items and gain some new, awesome things for free. Whether interior décor, jewellery, clothes or stationary, there’s no point throwing things away if they can be given a new lease of life in a new home. Here is the SGO guide on hosting a swap party!

Swap Party

Get a whole new outfit cheaply, easily and sustainably!

First things first, come up with the guest list. Feel free to invite between 8 and 20 people; the more the merrier!

Send out the invites. Be clear about what your guests can bring to swap. Preferably items in a good condition that guests will want to use again. Encourage guests to bring their own bags with them to take their discoveries home in.

Decide on your food. Serve things that are easy to eat and not messy. Have a go at making them yourself! Here are our top picks:

They are all super-duper easy to make in under an hour! Use organic produce to be particularly sustainable.

Decide how the swapping is actually going to work in order to avoid total chaos. Guests should take turns shopping; roll a dice to see who will go first. Limit the number of items each person can take in a turn. You could use tokens; for every item a guest brings, they receive a token. They are allowed to purchase a new item for every token. Use colour coded stickers to show who has claimed each item.

The layout of the party is important to consider. Clear tables to place items on. If you are swapping clothes, a spare clothes rack would be great, but they could just as easily be kept neatly on the table. Sort clothing items out by size and type. If you are swapping books and media, sort them by media type or genre. Write one sentence summaries on post-it notes to stick to the front of the book, so guests know what the book is about. If you are swapping houseware items, organise by room. Keep clothes, accessories, books, homeware etc separate to avoid a messy jumble.

Zip forward to the end of your successful swap-party: the party is finished, it was a great success. You now have a new coat, sunglasses and jewellery organizer. But there are a few items left that haven’t been claimed… Instead of throwing these items straight into the bin or taking them to the dump, give them to a charity shop, a homeless shelter or the Salvation Army.

Canterbury’s charity shops include:

  • Oxfam, 13 Best Lane, Canterbury, CT1 2JB, 01227 478821
  • Age UK, 13a, St. Peters St, Canterbury CT1 2AT, 01227 764239
  • British Heart Foundation, 25 St. Peters St, Canterbury, CT1 2BQ, 01227 785481
  • Barnado’s, 50 St. Peters St, Canterbury, CT1 2BE, 01227 760170
  • Cancer Research UK, 61 Burgate, Canterbury, CT1 2HJ, 01227 763881
  • The Children’s Society, 6 Palace St, Canterbury, CT1 2DY, 01227 769857
  • Demelza, 18 Burgate, Canterbury, CT1 2HG, 01795 845200

Canterbury also has two homeless shelters:

  • Catching Lives, 13 Station Rd East, Canterbury, 01227 464904
  • Porchlight, 18-19 Watling St, Canterbury, 01227 760078

Canterbury’s Salvation Army is located at:

Whitehorse Lane, Canterbury, CT1 2RU, 01227472781

There you go! Now go ahead and host your own swap party!

by student blogger, Megan Cork


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