SGO: Organic baby clothes

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good break, but now, it’s back to blogging and my first post of 2016 for you all is about organic baby clothes.

I came across organic baby clothing after a friend of mine gave me three huge bags full of it. I must admit, I had a lot of preconceptions about them being similar to old knitted jumpers from the 1970s (not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just not my taste), but they are actually really stylish, modern and have some great benefits for your child.

Child on swingset CC Image Catalogue

Organic baby clothes company, Frugi are a leading company in this field and are established as one of the most reliable brands. They make their clothes from organic cotton and state that “Organic cotton is so much better for your baby’s skin; it’s softer, has no nasty chemicals so is less likely to trigger allergies and best of all – it feels just lovely!”

For a parent of a child with extremely sensitive skin, this is amazing. Before having a child, I never realised just how many different chemicals clothes can come into contact with during the production process. These can build up in the fabric and, combined with all the washing powder they are the exposed to, can really irritate newborn and sensitive skin.

These organic sources can help reduce this irritability and stop children from, essentially, scratching their skin off.

It’s also a great way to help sustain the environment,something which is a key belief for the Frugi company.

“It’s becoming increasingly important to support ethical brands. We live in a world where throwaway fashion has become the norm – It’s safe to say that recent factory tragedies in Bangladesh shocked us all, they highlighted just how important it is to stop and think… do I know who made my clothes?” – Kurt & Lucy,

Other benefits of using organic baby clothing include saving you money (as the material is long-lasting), it helps support farm workers and helps prevent soil erosion.

Sustainability isn’t just about recycling, big coportations and their factory usage, it’s about what we can all do in our everyday lives. Using organic baby clothes is a great way of helping your baby’s skin to stay healthy, as well has helping the environment out a little.

You may ask why I am writing about this on a university-based blog? This affects not only our future, but that of our children, nieces and nephews and so on. By getting into the habit of buying and using these clothes which help out environment and global sustainability, we can make it the ‘new normal’ for their generations. We are also, many of us, at an age where we and our friends start to think about having children in the near future, and speaking as a mum, clothes are always a lifesaver from everyone!

by guest blogger, Alex Hurton


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