SGO: Homemade Christmas gifts

When people think of homemade gifts, you tend to think of school creations by your children, nephews, nieces and so on. Right now, vintage style and homemade crafts are really fashionable, so why not save a few pennies this Christmas and make some gifts at home?

Xmas Chocolates Alex 2

You can reuse a lot of items from around your home for this or even by spending minuscule amounts in your local charity shop.

Blankets/ Quilts

Having the seasonal wardrobe clear out? Don’t throw it all away. Have a second look through once you’re done and see if any of the material can be used to make patchwork blankets or quilts. Some of the best items for this are old party dresses. All of us girls have that area of the closet where we have bought a nice outfit for an event for it to never see the light of day again. Now, you can use it. If you find you don’t have enough material for what you wish to make, head down to your local charity shop. You’ll be able to pick up some great pieces and give a little money to charity.

Blankets and quilts can be quite simple to make. For patchwork designs, you need to cut the different pieces of materials into the appropriate size beforehand. You can also download simple guides to follow from the internet. I found a really useful guide on so take a look their and see what you think.

Knitted blankets CC Kelly Sikkema

Jam jar candles

Jam jars are always useful to have around the house for various reasons. They make a nice pencil holder, paper weight and various other uses. Did you know that they can be made into a great candle holder? No, me neither. This year for Christmas, my sister is making homemade candles and found a site which showed you how to use them for this purpose.

Candle and Soap have great step by step guide to creating these beauties. It is easy to follow and also has pictures along the way (in case you learn visually like myself).

Homemade food

One of the best gifts I have received was a food hamper basket. We received this the first year we had Lily. We had a small baby, my partner was away at work and food and cooking was not high on my list! Like a gift from heaven, this food hamper arrived and it had miniature versions of everything that we loved. The next year my sister-in-law and her husband gave us some wonderful home made beer and caramel glaze for our cooking. Both really lovely.

Xmas Hamper Alex

Homemade food can be a perfect gift in any form. I have made little chocolate gifts before. I bought a small mould from my local Poundland and some chocolate bars to melt. It took no more than a couple of hours and looked great in the end. It is really simple and you can create lots of different shapes and designs.

If you are going to create a food gift for someone, make sure you are aware of any allergies before hand, especially if the person has a high intolerance to one of your ingredients.

You can also try making new clothes from your old ones, reusing old materials to make table cloths, tea towels, scarves and other pieces of linen.  One of the biggest expressions I hear over the Christmas season is that “it’s the thought that counts”. With a homemade gift, the thought is clear as well as the love and care that has gone into them.

Happy Christmas!

Alex x

by guest blogger, Alex Hurton

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