SGO: Cruelty-free cosmetics are the new beautiful

With Christmas steadily approaching, shoppers are out in their millions buying the perfect gift for their families, friends and significant others. When I go downstairs on Christmas morning, I know that my stocking will be full of my favourite cosmetics that I use every day. However, the question that unfortunately remains is: do we really understand the lengths that these beauty companies have gone to to make a product suitable for human skin? If you’re an activist for sustainability and green living, you probably already know what I am about to say. If you’re not, listen up.

A lot of companies have admitted to testing on animals at “some point during product development”, with PETA recently publishing a ‘Hall of Shame’, naming some of the huge, well-known organisations that test on animals. This list includes companies like Avon, Max Factor, Revlon, Dove, Mac and many more. All of us have used products from these companies at some point in our lives, with a selection of these products being arguably the best (and the most expensive) on the market as well as the most popular.

As a woman who gets up early to do my make-up properly every day, hearing the words ‘sustainable beauty’ or ‘green cosmetics’ can make me shudder – as there is often an expectation these products to be either useless or very expensive. I have discovered that this is not the case at all. Recently I went shopping for beauty products that do not have any history or suspicion of animal testing. Below, I will show you my three must-haves that are cruelty-free, affordable and look beautiful:

Jerome Alexander Mineral Magic Powder

Mineral Magic

All of us need a foundation that takes to our skin perfectly. This is mine and could quite easily be yours too. If you’re forgetful like I am when it comes to taking off your make-up after an evening out, this product will keep you safe from breakouts. It is made up of minerals and vitamins. (Full stop) It is kind to skin and it conceals blemishes and uneven skin tones. It contains four colour correctors that all carry a function; one adapts to skin tone, another covers up breakouts and redness and so on. It isn’t the cheapest product, but a small palette lasts me about three months after using it almost daily – so it basically pays for itself.

How much will you pay for it – £9.98
Where can you buy it – Mineral Magic is a JML product, so it can be bought online, in any Boots store, Asda, Wilkinson’s, or anywhere else that sells JML products.

Soap and Glory – The Righteous Butter

Soap & Glory

Soap and Glory are my favourite brand when it comes to shower gels and creams. My absolute must-have is their body butter, truthfully named ‘The Righteous Butter’. I use this every single day, carrying a small pot (that can only be found in gift sets) of it in my hand bag and having a large pot on my dressing table. It softens skin, smells fantastic and does not test on animals at any stage of development. What more could you want?

How much will you pay for it – £10 for 300ml, which is a large pot (Soap and Glory gift sets are much better value for money, as you can get about 4 of their products for about £15, the perfect gift all year round).
Where can you buy it – The only place that sells Soap and Glory products is Boots.

Lush Cosmetics – BB Seaweed Fresh Facemask


There is no doubt that Lush products are amongst the most ethical cosmetics you can buy in the high street. Whilst getting maximum quality in the products, you get good value for money and the reassurance that it has come from a safe, natural source. Through much experimenting, I have found that all of Lush’s facemasks are great, but my personal favourite is the BB Seaweed Facemask. The product is perfect for drier skin, but it also gets rid of any excess oil. Being the most fresh and organic of all the products I have listed, it has to be kept in the fridge, and will go out of date if you don’t use it in time. But don’t worry about it going out of date- you will not be able to get enough of this one!

How much will you pay for it – £6.75 for 75g
Where can you buy it – Any Lush Cosmetics store.

Interested in finding out more about these companies ethical beauty products? Visit their websites here: Mineral Magic, Soap & Glory, Lush Cosmetics.

by student blogger, Amanda Elliott



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