Allotment activity: students Holly Andrews and Joanne Flakkas-Stewart report on their busy summer growing veg

2013-06-01 19.55.20
IMG-20130823-WA0001 lovely lettuce

Since June we have been working on one of the Allotment planters by the Chaplaincy centre. We started by growing rocket, raddish, beetroot and spinach. As time has progressed we’ve been donated various other vegetables, including courgette, tomato plants and lettuces. We’ve been really lucky in having such a kind summer. We’ve had bountiful crops of salads, courgettes and tomatoes and really loved seeing the site develop from four raised planters full of earth to four raised planters with veg spilling out the sides, we have been glad to see an influx of various insect life that has steadily dealt with the pests we were encountering. Not only have we grown enough lettuce to feed Flopsy, Mopsy Cotton Tail and Peter but we have had the unique pleasure of benefiting from the relaxation, calm, serenity and pride at growing our veg from seeds to dinner.


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