the web of Hard Rain


A short DVD and book has been making the rounds, with a number of CCCU staff watching these striking images put to the moving song ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’ by Bob Dylan.

Here are a few comments made by some of those who saw it and sent over their reflections:

“I found the film powerful and disturbing. It’s so easy to become absorbed our daily lives with little regard to the damage we are causing elsewhere. These sorts of images should have a more prominent place in society, to educate and raise awareness.
I watched it with my partner who said: Thought provoking and sad, most of the 1960s ethos was about peace, harmony and nature. Shame no one powerful listened, power and politics deemed to be more important with too many self-centred people with too much money at the tiller. Most humans are wrapped up in their career/possessions/me-ness to care or reconsider their actions.”
– Claire Anderson, Department of Quality and Standards

“Still don’t like Bob Dylan’s voice but really enjoyed the imagery. The book engaged me and reinforced the message of the fragility of our planet and our interaction with it.
It is thought provoking and caused a reaction in my elderly father-in law who does not get the global warming hypothesis. It made Sunday lunch a more combative affair! Lol!”
– Lloyd Morgon, Health and Safety

“Just watched the DVD and had a flick through the book. Very good but I’m already sold on the message though, I admit, could do more (couldn’t we all!)” – Judy Challis, Employability and Careers

“Just to let you know that I have watched the video and looked through the book. Very sobering and unsettling.” – Alan Pendergast, Employability and Careers

“Loved the DVD the music the images and of course the message.” – Pat Carmody, Employability and Careers

“The photography was beautiful and it does make you think.” – Sarah Roberts, Outreach and Partnerships

“very powerful messages” – Yasmin Ghandour, Student Support


See more about the wider project here:

If you would like to see the film, flick through the accompanying book and join our web, please send us a message so the pack can be sent out to you!

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